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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

  • Downloading Torrent Using Internet Download Manager

    Downloading Torrent Using Internet Download Manager
    Hello friends, today i will show you the way to download torrents with Internet Download Manager. Torrent is tiny file with .torrent extension which allows you to download huge amount of data. We use torrents to download various stuffs like movies, games, software package and plenty of different things. you'll transfer torrents from several website.  The transfer speed for torrents depends on seeds it has. It will make difficult for you to download files with very low or no seed counts. However with the assistance of this trick you'll be able to download torrent file with IDM. This tool can be really helpfull when you want to download file that has very low seeds. IDM is the quickest file transfer manager on the internet market. So lets begin!

    How To Transfer Torrent With IDM

    1. First download the torrent file with .torrent extension which you wish to download from the internet directly without any torrent client like utorrent.
    Downloading Torrent Using Internet Download Manager

    2. Now open zbigz.com and you will land on its homepage.
    3. Then Click on upload Torrent and browse your torrent to transfer and click on Go.
    4. Then it will ask you for Free or Premium service, choose Free to proceed further.
    5. It will take some time to cache your file. Once the caching is done, click on transfer button to download your file as shown below.
    Downloading Torrent Using Internet Download Manager
    6. You should have internet download manager installed on your computer so that download start inside IDM. If you don't have IDM don't worry it will download directly.

    Note: If you decide on to use Free transfer then you wont be able to transfer file of more then 1 GB
  • Build Your Own Games, Become A Programmer

    Video games are a blast to play!  Wouldn’t it be great to have a part in creating them?  But where do you start?  For a gamer, being able to take part in creating games would be like a dream come true. Let’s look at a few facts about the gaming industry.  In 2012, the gaming industry accounted for $20.77 billion in revenue including hardware, software and accessories.  Most of these companies were based in the United States.  More detailed information can be found here.

    So, we have an enormously large industry and most of it is located right here in the United States.  There is no reason why a person with the desire and discipline cannot make their dream job a reality!

    The following are some steps to help get you out on the path to your future in gaming.  The best part is that most of these options are free.  But do require some discipline and effort... and practice, practice, practice!

    Be informed, educate yourself

    educate yourself
    There are some major sources of information online regarding the gaming industry.  Become involved with these websites. join in on discussions in the forums and even try to contact individuals from the forums that seem willing to be helpful to newcomers.  These sources can be invaluable in learning what trainings and skills are a must for someone to become a professional.  A few industry online publications are Gameslice and Gamasutra.

    Determine what skills and knowledge you now possess

    Begin gathering information about the types of games you wish to program.  Having a firm grasp on the games you like to play and programming languages that were used to make those games will begin to steer you in the direction you need to go.  Programming, also known as coding, can be difficult in the beginning.  Luckily there are many web sites on the internet that offer free learning tutorials for beginners in any language you can imagine.  It is recommended to start with some of these free tutorials just to get your feet wet and get you used to the vocabulary of the industry. Check out below article to learn programming.

    Top 6 Websites To Learn Computer Programming Languages

    Get to know commercially available game engines

    game engines
    Most games have a game engine.  The game engine is kind of like the foundation that the code works with to create the desired effect within the game.  Most of these are available freely either with a game or can be downloaded.  You may have heard of some of them:  Unreal, Crysis, Source, FrostBite and Creation are just a few of the larger ones.  Discover which game engine your favorite games run on and play with the engine yourself.

    Take a Coding Class

    This is where it all begins to get real.  You need some official coding classes.  As a starter, consider a course in DarkBasic.  DarkBasic is one of the most recommended beginner languages.  At this point you should also consider taking a course in Microsoft Visual Basic.  A good knowledge of Visual Basic will provide you with the understanding of how code works with Windows operating systems.  There are numerous schools whose sole focus is coding.  Research the ones who are interested in and to go back to the forums, or individuals you met there and ask their opinions.  Then make your decision and register for the classes.

    Develop a problem-solving attitude

    problem solving
    It cannot be stated more strongly how important a problem-solving attitude can be in game development.  You really have to love solving problems.  The larger part of coding is developing the code itself.  The second largest part of coding is solving all of the problems with the initial code that you developed.  You will be spending a large portion of your time resolving problems in your code...  So having a problem-solving attitude is crucial to your future career.
  • How to install and use Veil-Catapult in backtrack?

    First if you have not already installed veil-evasion framework then first install it as mentioned here.After installing Veil-evasion follow steps.

    root@bt:~wget https://github.com/Veil-Framework/Veil-Catapult/archive/master.zip

    root@bt:~unzip master.zip 

    root@bt:~cd Veil-Catapult-master/

    root@bt:~sh setup.sh

    Now veil-catapult require impacket library & passing the hash toolkit.So setup script try to install PTH suite but we got error.So we have to manually do it.

    Install passing the hash.

    root@bt:~wget https://passing-the-hash.googlecode.com/files/wmiPTH-1.0-1.deb

    root@bt:~wget https://passing-the-hash.googlecode.com/files/winexePTH1.1.0-1.deb

    root@bt:~dpkg -i winexePTH1.1.0-1.deb

    root@bt:~dpkg -i wmiPTH-1.0-1.deb

    If you are using other OS then you have to manually build it as mentioned here .

    It installed into the /opt/pth/bin folder , we have to move it into /usr/bin.

    root@bt:~# ln -s /opt/pth/bin/wmis /usr/bin/pth-wmis

    root@bt:~# ln -s /opt/pth/bin/winexe /usr/bin/pth-winexe

    root@bt:~# ln -s /opt/pth/bin/wmic /usr/bin/pth-wmic

    Installing impacket library

    root@bt:~# wget http://corelabs.coresecurity.com/index.php?module=Wiki&action=attachment&type=tool&page=Impacket&file=impacket-0.9.11.tar.gz

    root@bt:~# tar -xvzf impacket-0.9.11.tar.gz 

    root@bt:~# cd impacket

    root@bt:~# python setup.py build 

    I know you have question that we can install it , but when we tried to install , it  installed succesfully ;but some of modules are missing.So we first gonna build it then copy it. Now copy folder impacket from build/lib.linux-i686-2.6/ and paste it into /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6 

    Now everything is ready ,we can run it. Before that open /etc/veil/settings.py and checkout all path.

    root@bt:~/Veil-Catapult-master# python Veil-Catapult.py 

    Now select number according to your choice & fill out necessary option.

    Powershell injector


    Barebones python injector


    Sethc backdoor

    Reboot, hit Shift key 5 times, SYSTEM shell will pop up. Also there is script for it in metasploit.Check it out this awesome blog for more details.

    EXE delivery upload 


    Cleanup resource script is generated , you can use it after your work completed for kill process & remove exe.

    You can also host exe using temporary SMB server.This will load the payload executable into memory without touching disk, allowing otherwise disk-detectable executable to bypass detection
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