Tuesday, September 16, 2014

  • Get a Free Domain, Free $100 Adwords Credit, and $0.01 Hostgator Hosting

    Hello everyone, today I am going to show you how to get
    everything you need to start your own site for a total of 1
    Part 1: Domain
    First, I am going to show you how to get a domain
    name for free.
    1. You are going to want to go here:
    2. Sign up for an account.
    3. Click this:
    4. Pick desired domain name
    5. Fill in the boxes using this info:
    a. Name: (Doesn’t Matter)
    b. Email Address: (Use your’s!)
    c. Phone Number: 262-854-5407
    d. Address: 1845 Joseph Street
    e. City: West Allis
    f. State: WI
    g. Zip: 53227
    h. Country: United States
    6. Click next until you are asked for billing
    7. Go to http://goo.gl/rRBpHa
    8. At the top you will see a “Sign Up” Link, click
    it and make an account, using the information
    you used in step 5.
    9. When you get to funding options, click “Pay
    by Bank Transfer”
    10. Select the Country Afghanistan and enter a
    random name.
    11. If it asks you to verify your email, do so. You
    should then see a picture of a credit card, use
    that to complete the billing information that
    we started in Step 6. The name on the card is
    “Entropay User” or something like that; it’s at
    the bottom of the picture of the card.
    12. You have now completed the process; it
    normally takes 24 hours to register the
    domain, so come back tomorrow.
    13. Once the domain is registered, click “Manage
    Your Intruit Website Domains”, then click
    “Edit Domain Locking” and click “Unlock”
    14. Go back and you can now edit your
    If you continue the guide, then I will teach you
    how to get $0.01 hosting.
    Part 2: $0.01 Hostgator Hosting and Free $100
    Adwords Voucher
    This is fairly simple to do, however you will need a
    credit card or paypal with at least once cent on it, I
    don’t think your paypal even has to be verified.
    1. Go to http://goo.gl/lMdrJ7
    2. Click “View Hosting Plans”
    3. Click Order Now “Hatchling Plan”
    4. Using the example below, fill out
    the info, use Coupon Code:
    “Thankyoucoupon” (without quotes)
    Note: If you only want the $100 Adwords coupon,
    enter a fake domain name. If you want the hosting as
    well use the domain you registered in Part 1.
    After paying the one-cent, on your cpanel, there will
    be a free $100 adwords link on the left.
    You will need to wait 24 hours, but once you have,
    your code will be there.
    Thank you for reading my guide, if you have any
    questions PM me on HF: dasani3x
    If you are interested in joining a growing gaming
    forum, please sign up at www.prespawn.com
    And coming soon is www.elite-forum.net, for
    moneymaking strategies along with other blackhat

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