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  • How to get a free .com domain

    How to get a free .com domain

    A tutorial for beginners.

    1.) Go to
    • They are offering a service to Wisconsin businesses, by providing them with a free .com domain, we are going to exploit this service!

    2.) Make an account like so: (make sure you choose YOUR email address)

    3.) Next you will be presented with this screen:
    Click on the:

    4.) Your next step is to choose your domain:

    5.) If your domain is available, press next, or just choose another one:

    6.) Fill in the boxes for contact info like this:
    (Use whatever name you used earlier - Use your email - Fill the rest EXACTLY the same as I did!)

    7.) Click next a few times, and you will reach this page:
    *Now don't freak out, we will make you ab online virual credit card,

    8.) So now, go to: http://www.entropay.com and sign up:
    9.) Make your account, with the same details as before:

    10.) When asked how you want to add funds, choose pay by bank transfer:

    11.) Next fill out details like this, name your bank whatever you want:
    Then click next
    12.) Go to your email to get the activation code.

    13.) After you fill in the info that you received in your email and click next, a picture with a visa card will appear. Fill in the info from the card on intuit.com:

    14.) You now have to wait until your domain is registered. It takes around 24 hours to register.
    15.) Once your domain is registered, you need to navigate to the domains tab, and unlock it, do it like this:

    16.) Now in the Domain locking page click "Unlock"

    17.) Our, final step, is to edit the Nameservers! To do so, go back to the previous page, and choose, "Edit your Nameservers" - Duhh

    18.) Then just edit your Nameservers, to point to your hosting! First delete the Nameservers that were there by default, and add your Nameservers.

    I'm not going to tell you how to get hosting, but I'll point you in the direction of a few good free offshore hosts.
    •http://goo.gl/z6cKnl - Good but staff there do manual virus checks, so you are likely to have a lot of downtime.
    • http://goo.gl/lUWRNG - Recommended! And yes it is a referral link, if you really don't want to help me you can go here: http://goo.gl/J8uMRj
    • http://goo.gl/U8Qznz
    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and if you feel like donating, donate to my email: elaaisolution@gmail.com

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